Crosseur - 展示型字体 (Crosseur - Display Typeface)

Crosseur - 展示型字体 (Crosseur - Display Typeface)插图

Crosseur - 展示型字体 (Crosseur - Display Typeface)插图1

Crosseur - 展示型字体 (Crosseur - Display Typeface)插图2

Crosseur - 展示型字体 (Crosseur - Display Typeface)插图3

Crosseur - 展示型字体 (Crosseur - Display Typeface)插图4

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概述介绍 Crosseur,这是现代创意项目的终极浓缩无衬线字体。这种字体由 Eotype Foundry 设计,拥有一系列风格替代、连字和多语言支持。无论您是想创建令人惊叹的标识还是为杂志版面增添优雅气息,Crosseur 都能满足您的需求。凭借其大胆、独特的风格,它是任何需要清新、现代外观的图形设计项目的完美选择。亮点标准字形多用途显示字体数字和标点符号风格替代和连字支持多种语言格式文件:OTF - TTF83.6 kB in1 文件


OverviewIntroducing Crosseur, the ultimate condensed sans-serif font for modern, creative projects. Designed by Eotype Foundry, this font boasts a range of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support. Whether you're looking to create a stunning logotype or add an elegant touch to your magazine layout, Crosseur has you covered. With its bold, unique style, it's the perfect choice for any graphic design project that demands a fresh, contemporary look.HighlightsStandard GlyphMultipurpose Display TypefaceNumerals & PunctuationStylistic Alternates & LigaturesMultiple Languages SupportedFormat File: OTF - TTF83.6 kB in1 File