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概述ZT Yaglo是一种动态且富有表现力的显示字体,从第一印象你可能会注意到这种字体是一个类似钓鱼竿的概念,具有一致的节奏曲线,末端变得更加尖锐。 ZT Yaglo 字体采用无主题框架,并添加了衬线感觉,以产生各种粗细的大胆几何字体。
ZT Yaglo 将简单的无衬线风格与书法形状的感觉融合在一起,带来格外大胆的衬线能量。您选择的款式越厚,形状变化的趋势就越引人注目。 ZT Yaglo 是您创建品牌项目、标志设计、服装品牌、产品包装、杂志标题或只是作为任何背景图像上的时尚文本叠加的绝佳选择。
ZT Yaglo 有 9 种样式,1 种免费商业字体和一种可变字体。每个面有 457 个字形。包括标准连字,“&”字符在每个粗细中都有一个替代字母。
我希望您使用 ZT Yaglo 玩得开心。
感谢您使用此字体 ~ Khaiuns X zelowtypeHighlightsVariable Font9 样式字母、数字、符号、标点符号OTF、TTF、WOFF、WOFF2标准连字旧式图形2.5 MB in1 文件


OverviewZT Yaglo is a dynamic and expressive display font, from the first impression you may have noticed that this font is a fishing rod-like concept, with a consistent rhythmic curve that gets sharper at the ends. The ZT Yaglo typeface is framed in a sans theme and added a serif feel to produce a bold, geometric typeface in all thicknesses.

ZT Yaglo mixes a simple sans style for extra bold serif energy with the feel of calligraphic shapes. The thicker your choice of style, the more striking the flow of changes in shape becomes spiky. ZT Yaglo is a cool alternative for you to create branding projects, Logo designs, Apparel Branding, product packaging, magazine headers or just as a stylish text overlay onto any background image.

ZT Yaglo has 9 Styles, 1 Free for Commercial, and one Variable font. each face has 457 glyphs. Includes Standard Ligature, and the "&" character has an alternate letter in each Weight.

I hope you have fun using ZT Yaglo.

Thanks for using this font ~ Khaiuns X zelowtypeHighlightsVariable Font9 StyleLetters, Numbers, Symbols, PunctuationOTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2Standard LigatureOld-style figure2.5 MB in1 File