Westiva 字体家族 (Westiva Fonts Family)

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概述Westiva 是一个衬线字体系列,具有优雅和优雅的外观。每款 Westiva 字形字体均采用自然优美的曲线设计。 Westiva Typography 可以帮助您完成各种项目,例如奢侈品牌徽标、期刊、名片、标题、产品、社交媒体帖子、网页等等。如果您参与的项目需要美观且专业的书写,Westiva 字体非常适合帮助您完成它。
Westiva 字体具有 opentype、字距调整、连字和替代字体,包含 4 种字体:Light、Regular、Medium 和 Bold。 Westiva 字体包括大写字母、小写字母、数字、标点符号和多语言支持。亮点标准字形数字和标点文体替代和连字支持多种语言4 样式格式文件:OTF392.5 kB in1 文件


OverviewWestiva is a serif font family with an elegant and classy look. Each Westiva glyph font is designed with natural and beautiful curves. Westiva Typography can help you complete various projects such as luxury brand logos, journals, business cards, titles, products, social media posts, web and much more. If you're involved in a project that requires beautiful and professional writing, the Westiva font is perfect to help you get it done.

Westiva fonts feature opentype, kerning, ligatures and alternates packed in 4 fonts: Light, Regular, Medium and Bold. Westiva fonts include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numeral, punctuation and multilingual support.HighlightsStandard GlyphNumerals & PunctuationStylistic Alternates & LigatureMultiple Languages Supported4 StylesFormat File: OTF392.5 kB in1 File