Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)

Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)插图

Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)插图1

Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)插图2

Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)插图3

Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)插图4

Metaverse 3D 插图 (Metaverse 3D Illustrations)插图5


OverviewCommercially 是一组适用于任何产品的自定义 3D 图标。该包将完美补充您的应用程序、演示文稿、网站等的设计。该套件包括以下图标:VR、辅助现实、头像、虚拟世界、虚拟土地、VR NFT 等。使用这些手工制作的图标创建令人惊叹的独特项目,在 Figma 中轻松编辑,并在 Blender 中完全自定义。亮点高分辨率 2000x2000pxFigma、PNG 和 Blender 文件附加详细指南和教程在 Blender 中完全自定义自定义颜色自动更新颜色系统格式 1.1 GB in1 文件


OverviewCommercially is a pack of custom 3D icons suitable for any products. This pack will perfectly complement the design of your app, presentation, website, etc. The kit includes icons such as: VR, Assisted Reality, Avatars, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Land, VR NFT and more . Create stunning, unique projects with these hand crafted icons, easily editable in Figma, and fully customizable in Blender.HighlightsHigh resolution 2000x2000pxFigma, PNG, and Blender filesDetailed guide & tutorial attachedFully customizable in BlenderCustomize colorsAuto-updatable color systemFormat1.1 GB in1 File