Alternox 字体系列 (Alternox Fonts Family)

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概述Alternox 字体是一种新型未来派多用途无衬线字体系列,具有复杂的几何形状。您可以在现代、简洁和专业的设计中使用它。该字体非常适合您的各种项目,例如徽标和品牌标识、技术、名片、网络、文具、展示、体育等。
Alternox 字体具有 opentype、字距调整、连字和替代字体,包含 6 种字体:ExtraLight、Light、Regular、SemiBold、Bold 和 ExtraBold。 Alternox 字体包括大写字母、小写字母、数字、标点符号和多语言支持。亮点标准字形常规数字和标点风格替换和连字支持多语言格式文件:OTF397.2 kB in1 文件


OverviewAlternox fonts is a new futuristic multipurpose sans serif font family with sophisticated geometric shapes. You can use it in a modern, clean and professional design. This font is perfect for your various projects such as logos and brand identity, technology, business cards, web, stationery, displays, sports and more.

Alternox fonts feature opentype, kerning, ligatures and alternates packed in 6 fonts: ExtraLight, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, and ExtraBold. Alternox fonts include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numeral, punctuation and multilingual support.HighlightsStandard GlyphRegularNumerals & PunctuationStylistic Alternates & LigaturesMultiple Languages SupportedFormat File: OTF397.2 kB in1 File