Athios - 优雅字体 (Athios - Elegant Typeface)

Athios - 优雅字体 (Athios - Elegant Typeface)插图

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概述Athios - 优雅的字体 Athios 字体带有多种替代字体和活页夹。其设计含蓄而迷人。您可以使用它来创建完美的版式设计。这种字体非常适合您的项目。例如奢侈品标志和品牌、优雅的编辑设计、女性杂志、化妆品品牌、时尚促销、美术馆品牌、文具设计、现代广告设计、邀请卡等。
- 交替和
- 适用于 Mac 和 Windows
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OverviewAthios - Elegant Typeface The Athios font comes with several alternatives and binders. which is designed with a subtle and charming. You can use it to create the perfect typographic design. This font is great for your project. Such as luxury logos and branding, classy editorial designs, women's magazines, cosmetic brands, fashion promotions, art gallery branding, stationery designs, modern advertising designs, invitation cards, and others.


-OTF and TTF files

-Web Font Files (WOFF)

-PUA Encode

-Alternate and


-Multilingual Support

-Works on Mac and Windows

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