BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)

BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图

BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图1

BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图2

BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图3

BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图4

BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图5

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BOXXY - 矢量插图套件 (BOXXY - Vector Illustration Kit)插图7


概述使用 BOXXY:矢量插图套件自信地迈入设计的未来。通过时尚升级提升您的下一个项目,使其脱颖而出。我们的 Figma 库和完全可定制的 Adobe Illustrator 资源使您能够创建令人惊叹和迷人的作品,让您的观众着迷。
将 BOXXY 视为您设计项目的时间机器。涵盖摄影、音乐、存储、医疗、生产力、电子商务、消息传递和游戏的 8 个类别,以及 Figma、SVG 和 PNG 格式的 4 种颜色样式,您将拥有将设计提升到新水平所需的所有工具等级。
在 Figma 库中,您可以轻松打开/关闭道具、更改颜色、调整任何您想要的内容,并拖放以创建您自己的独特场景。
借助 BOXXY,您可以轻松创建高科技登陆页面、网站、作品集和演示文稿,讲述引人入胜的故事。释放您的创造力,向世界展示您已准备好拥抱设计的未来。
- 8 个类别,4 种风格
- 创建独特场景的奖励平台
- SVG 和 PNG 文件
- Figma 库
- 拖放功能可创建您自己的独特设计亮点 8 个类别有 4 种风格可供创建独特场景的奖励平台SVG 和 PNG 文件Figma 库拖放功能可创建您自己的独特设计全局颜色样式格式 20.3 MB in1 文件


OverviewStep confidently into the future of design with BOXXY: Vector Illustration Kit. Elevate your next project with a sleek upgrade that will make it stand out from the crowd. Our Figma library and fully customizable Adobe Illustrator assets give you the power to create stunning and captivating compositions that will leave your audience spellbound.

Think of BOXXY as a time machine for your design projects. With 8 categories spanning Photography, Music, Storage, Medical, Productivity, eCommerce, Messaging, and Gaming, and 4 color styles available in Figma, SVG, and PNG formats, you will have all the tools you need to take your designs to the next level.

In the Figma library, you can easily turn on/off the props, change colors, and adjust anything you want, and drag and drop to create your own unique scenes.

With BOXXY, you can effortlessly create techy landing pages, websites, portfolios, and presentations that tell a compelling story. Unleash your creativity and show the world that you're ready to embrace the future of design.

This pack includes:

- 8 categories available in 4 styles

- Bonus platform to create unique scenes

- SVG and PNG files

- Figma library

- Drag and drop functionality to create your own distinctive designsHighlights8 categories available in 4 stylesBonus platform to create unique scenesSVG and PNG filesFigma libraryDrag and drop functionality to create your own distinctive designsGlobal color stylesFormat20.3 MB in1 File