Qualux 字体系列 (Qualux Fonts Family)

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概述Qualux 是一种多功能的高对比度衬线字体系列。 Qualux 源自“品质”和“奢华”这两个词。该字体具有复古特征,浅色处有奢华的风格,但粗体处也有友好俏皮的风格。每个字形都有一个柔软的圆形尖端。该字体适用于许多不同的项目,例如徽标、品牌、杂志、标牌、时尚等等。
Qualux 包含 8 种样式:Light、Light Italic、Regular、Italic、Semibold、Semibold Italic、Bold 和 Bold Italic。这些字体具有开放类型格式 (OTF)、字距调整、标准字形、样式替代和连字、数字、符号和多语言支持。亮点标准字形数字和标点样式替代和连字支持多种语言8 样式格式文件:OTF801.5 kB in1 文件


OverviewQualux is a versatile high-contrast serif font family. Qualux comes from the words Quality and Luxury. This font has vintage characteristics with a luxurious style in light, but also has a friendly and playful style in bold. Each glyph has a soft, rounded tip. This font is suitable for many various projects such as logos, branding, magazines, signage, fashion and many more.

Qualux consists of 8 styles: Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. These fonts feature Open Type Format (OTF), Kerning, Standard Glyph, Stylistic Alternate & Ligature, Numeral, Symbol and Multilingual Supports.HighlightsStandard GlyphNumerals & PunctuationStylistic Alternates & LigatureMultiple Languages Supported8 StylesFormat File: OTF801.5 kB in1 File