Rogenne 字体 (Rogenne Font)

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概述Rogenne 是一种显示衬线字体。 Rogenne 字体的每个字符也都具有优雅的触感,使看起来更加优雅和奢华。该字体具有替代和连字功能,非常适合风格化您的文本,以完成各种项目,如横幅、小册子、徽标、产品、标签、网站、海报、品牌等等。亮点标准字形常规数字和标点符号替代和连字多语言支持开放类型格式( OTF)97.2 kB in1 文件


OverviewRogenne is a display serif font. Rogenne font also have elegant touch in every single character there make look more classy and luxury. This font has alternate and ligature features which are good for stylizing your text for completing various projects such as banners, brochure, logos, products, labels, websites, posters, brands and many more.HighlightsStandard GlyphsRegularNumerals & Punctuation MarksAlternate & LigatureMultilingual SupportOpen Type Format (OTF)97.2 kB in1 File