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概述WunderUI 设计系统是创意人员简化数字产品设计流程和开发的协作工具。我们的先进设计系统旨在通过 Sketch、Figma、Adobe Photoshop 和 Adobe XD 等常见设计软件提高您的性能。通过仔细研究可扩展性、准确性和一致性,WunderUI 可指导您完成详细的设计流程、启动您的下一个项目或帮助您节省大量工作时间。 WunderUI 完整的设计库由精美且手工制作的 UI 组件、样式和预制模板组成,提供无限的创意机会。
定义即用型布局以轻松创建定制设计产品。为任何设备和任何屏幕创建灵活的设计布局。使用 WunderUI 以终极控制和更快的速度管理您的设计项目。控制访问并实时展示您的设计。核心元素、组件 WunderUI 的大资产库中包含 200 多个适用于 Web 和移动设备的预构建模板、样式指南和布局样式。
✨ WunderUI 设计系统兼容 Sketch、Figma、Adobe Photoshop 和 Adobe XD。
更新至 v.1.1.0
- Figma 和 Sketch 文件的自定义
- 预览文件中提供了新组件
- 所有页面的自动布局优化
更新至 v.1.0.1
- Figma 文件的自定义
- Sketch 文件的自定义
- 为 Figma 版本添加了新组件
- 添加了新图标、主组件和变体
- 改进的文档
- 发布免费预览 Figma 文件
- 向各种仪表板布局添加了自动布局亮点完整的 WunderUI 设计系统库 200+ 预构建模板 500+ 组件和变体 20 种仪表板布局样式浅色和深色模式 包括网络和移动屏幕 格式 183.7 MB in1 文件


OverviewWunderUI design system is a collaborative tool for creatives to simplify the design processes and development of digital products. Our advanced design system is created to boost your perfomance with the common design softwares such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD. With a close look into scalability, accuracy and consistency WunderUI guides you through detailed design processes, kickstarts your next project or helps you to save a lot of work time. WunderUI full design library consists of beautiful and handcrafted UI components, styles and pre-made templates which offers unlimited creative oppurtunities.

Define the ready-to-use layouts to create custom design products easily. Create flexible design layouts for any device and any screen. Manage your design projects with ultimate control and much faster with WunderUI. Control access and present your design in real-time. Core elements, components 200+ pre-built templates for web and mobile, styleguides and layout styles are included in the big assets library of WunderUI.

✨WunderUI design system is compatible with Sketch, Figma, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD.


Update to v. 1.1.0

- customizations for Figma & Sketch files

- new components available in preview file

- auto-layout refinements to all pages

Update to v. 1.0.1

- customizations for Figma files

- customizations for Sketch files

- added new components for Figma version

- added new icons, master compoments and variants

- improved documentation

- released free preview Figma file

- added auto-layout to various dashboard layoutsHighlightsFull WunderUI Design System Library200+ pre-built templates500+ components and variants20 dashboard layout styleslight & dark modeweb & mobile screens includedFormat183.7 MB in1 File