3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)

3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)插图

3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)插图1

3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)插图2

3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)插图3

3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)插图4

3D 电子商务包 (3D E-Commerce Pack)插图5


概述轻松结合资产 3D 电子商务,为您的登陆页面、网站和演示文稿创建引人注目的作品。
• 20 个独特的 3D 图标
• 高分辨率
• C4D+Redshift 兼容性
• Figma 文件(完全可编辑)
• 拖放以创建您自己的场景
• C4D、Redshift、PNG、PSD、Figma亮点20个独特的3D图标高分辨率C4D+Redshift兼容性Figma文件(完全可编辑)C4D、Redshift、PNG、PSD、Figma拖放以创建您自己的场景格式725.8 MB in4个文件


OverviewEffortlessly combine asset 3D E-Commerce to create compelling compositions for your landing pages, websites and presentations.

This pack includes (All Editable, All High-Res):

• 20 unique 3D Icons

• High resolution

• C4D+Redshift compatibility

• Figma files (Fully editable)

• Drag and drop to create your own scene

• C4D, Redshift, PNG,PSD, FigmaHighlights20 unique 3D IconsHigh resolutionC4D+Redshift compatibilityFigma files (Fully editable)C4D, Redshift, PNG,PSD, FigmaDrag and drop to create your own sceneFormat725.8 MB in4 Files