3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)

3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)插图

3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)插图1

3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)插图2

3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)插图3

3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)插图4

3D 平面设计 (3D Graphic Design)插图5


概述3D 平面设计可用于设计需求、动画、网页设计、UI 设计、演示幻灯片、海报等。
非常适合完成您的设计。 ✨
享受!亮点77个独特的对象可编辑的对象和颜色易于使用准备渲染高分辨率3000 x 3000pxPNG、OBJ、GLB文件格式526.8 MB in1文件


Overview3D Graphic Design can be used for design needs, animation, web design, UI design, presentation slides, posters, and others.

Perfect for completing your Design.✨

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Enjoy!Highlights77 Unique ObjectsEditable Object and ColorsEasy to UseReady to RenderHigh Resolution 3000 x 3000pxPNG, OBJ, GLB FilesFormat526.8 MB in1 File